Province of Canada, Legislative Assembly, 5th Parl, 1st Sess (20 September 1854)

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Date: 1854-09-20
By: The Globe
Citation: “By Telegraph. Legislative Assembly,” The Globe (21 September 1854).
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By Telegraph.


QUEBEC, September 20.

The debate and voting on the address concluded to-day at noon. The opposition desired more time for debate, and the ministerialists united on coming to a conclusion; and as each party obstinately adhered to their determination, the sitting was prolonged throughout the night till this day at noon. The paragraph in relation to the Elective Legislative Council was carried—yeas, 94; nays, 6. Paragraph in relation to Clergy Reserves, which showed the test of strength, was carried 70 to 33. Mr. Hartman’s amendment to substitute the word “secularization” for “adjustment,” in same division, resulted as follows: yeas, 33; nays, 70. The Seignorial clause was carried, yeas 67, nays 30. In above division, Mr. Hincks paired off with Mr. Galt. The House then adjourned till Thursday, at 4 p.m.

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