Province of Canada, Legislative Assembly, 5th Parl, 1st Sess (27 September 1854)

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Date: 1854-09-27
By: The Globe
Citation: “By Telegraph. Legislative Assembly,” The Globe (29 September 1854).
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By Telegraph.


QUEBEC, 27th Sept.

Mr. Attorney General DRUMMOND gave notice that on Tuesday next he would move for leave to introduce a bill for the secularization of the Clergy Reserves.

Mr. BROWN introduced a bill to amend the charter and increase the capital stock of the bank of Montreal.

Mr. MORIN desired to have the second reading put off until a remote date, in order to give the government time to consult on the important subject of banking. The second reading was fixed for the 26th Oct.

Introduce the government measure to make the L. C. elective He stated in answer to an inquiry by Mr. Brown, that immediately on the bill passing, twenty members would be elected for 6 years; 10 for Upper, 10 for L. C. The favored electoral districts being fixed by lot, that at the end of 2 years, 20 additional members will be elected for six years, and at the end of two other years 20 more members for the same period The old members are to have seats in the body for life, but when they die out or resign, the whole number of members is to be 60, one half of each section—the executive is to have power to dissolve the council.

Mr. POULIN introduced a bill in relation to Agriculture and another for incorporating the Lower Canadian Agricultural Society.

Returns relative to the Montreal and Bytown Railroad were ordered on motion of the same member.

Mr. SCATCHERD introduced a bill to authorize the county of Middlesex to negotiate a loan of £100,000 to consolidate its debt.

Mr. J. H. CAMERON introduced a Bill to increase the capital of the Commercial Bank, and the Bank of Upper Canada—second reading on 26th October.

Mr. BROWN introduced a Bill to abolish the Rectories.

Mr. MACKENZIE introduced a Homestead exemption Bill.

Mr. MERRITT introduced a bill to incorporate a Railroad Co. from Amherstburg to the intersection of the Lines leading to Niagara river.

It was announced that the trip to the Saguenay would not take place till next Wednesday.

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