Province of Canada, Legislative Assembly, 8th Parl, 4th Sess (11 August 1865)

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Date: 1865-08-11
By: Province of Canada (Parliament), Morning Chronicle
Citation: “Provincial Parliament. Legislative Assembly. Friday, Aug. 11th” [Quebec] Morning Chronicle (12 August 1865).
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Friday, August 11

The SPEAKER took the Chair at three o’clock.

After the presentation and reading of petitions and other routine business—


Hon. Mr. CARTIER —I have the honor to inform this honorable House, that his Excellency the Governor General will receive the Address in reply to the Speech from the Throne, on Monday at three o’clock. (Hear, hear.)


Hon. Mr. CARTIER— moved that a Committee of fourteen members be named in order to prepare and report with all convenient speed, lists of members to form the Select Standing Committees of the House. The hon. gentleman read the list, and remarked that it was the name as that of last session, with the exception of Mr. A. Mackenzie in the room of Mr. Mackellar, who was absent, and Mr. Knight in the room of Mr. Pope, who was also absent.

The motion was carried.


Hon. Mr. Galt made the usual formal motion— “That the speech of His Excellency the Governor General, delivered to both Houses of the Legislature at the opening of the session, be taken into consideration.”

The motion was carried.

Hon. Mr. GALT moved that a supply be granted to Her Majesty; and then moved the the House resolve itself into Committee of Supply, on Monday next, in order to consider of the said motion.— Carried.

Hon. Mr. DORION asked whether the Government would give any explanations upon, or bring in an measures relative to the various important subject mentioned in the speech, such as the defence of the country, during the present session of Parliament?

Hon. Mr. GALT said he would like the hon. gentleman to wait until the Hon. Attorney General West was in attendance, in order to obtain an answer to his question.

In reply to Hon. Mr. HOLTON—

Hon. Mr. GALT said it was, of course, but reasonable and proper that Government should, at the earliest possible moment, state generally the legislation to which the attention of the House would be invited. But, in the absence of the Hon. Attorney General West, he thought it would be more convenient to postpone the question until Tuesday next (Hear, hear.)

Hon. J. S MACDONALD said he did not believe the Government had any serious intention of going on with any of the measures referred to in the speech from the throne. (Hear, hear, and laugher.)

Hon. Mr. HOLTON— Oh, I believe they have. (Renewed laughter and cheers.)

Hon. Mr. GALT moved that the part of the speech from the throne relating to the supply be referred to the said Committee— Carried.


On the order of the being called for the House to go into Committee on the bill respecting the Civil Code of Lower Canada.—

Hon. Mr. CARTIER asked that the order be allowed to stand.

Hon. Mr. DORION— Does the Hon. Attorney General East intent going on with the bill this session?

Hon. Mr. CARTIER replied in the affirmative; but was understood to say that he desired there should be a complete distribution of the proposed amendments.

The order was allowed to stand.

Three or four other orders were not yet appointed, they were allowed to stand.

The House, on motion of Hon. Mr. CARTIER, adjourned at half-past three o’clock.

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