Province of Canada, Legislative Assembly, 8th Parl, 4th Sess (15 September 1865)

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Date: 1865-09-15
By: Province of Canada (Parliament), Morning Chronicle
Citation: “Provincial Parliament. Legislative Assembly. Friday, Sept. 15th” [Quebec] Morning Chronicle (16 September 1865).
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Note: All endnotes come from our recent publication, Charles Dumais & Michael Scott (ed.), The Confederation Debates in the Province of Canada (CCF, 2022).


FRIDAY, September 15, 1865[1]

George Brown [Oxford South, President Executive Council] signified that it was his intention to give explanations on the North-west question.

John Sandfield Macdonald [Cornwall]—Explanations only?

Some Hon. Members—Hear, hear.

Alexander Galt [Sherbrooke, Minister of Finance] said it was the desire of the Government that the explanations on the North-west question should be had at an early hour of the sitting, to afford an opportunity for whatever discussion might be desired.

Some Hon. Members—Hear, hear.

Arthur Rankin [Essex] said that if there was going to be no measure introduced he really did not see the use of wasting the time of the House on a mere conversation upon the subject of North-west extension.

Some Hon. Members—Hear, hear.

William Powell [Carleton] would like to know whether there was no means of avoiding the farce of a conversation on this subject? Could not the Government get an article inserted in the Globe which would answer the purpose?

Some Hon. MembersLaughter.

Joseph Cauchon [Montmorency] urged the desirability of proceeding at once with the Quebec Corporation bill.

After some conversation, however, the orders were taken up in the manner desired by the Government.

Explanations on the North-West Question—The Order of Business

No order having been called

George Brown [Oxford South, President Executive Council] rose to address the House.

Joseph Cauchon [Montmorency] said it was not fair to the members of this House who had supported the Government all through to have the Quebec bill[2] and other urgent measures, which there was a loud demand for, postponed longer.

Some Hon. Members—Hear, hear.

John Rose [Montreal Centre] hoped the Hon. President of the Council [George Brown] would allow the third reading of the Quebec bill.

George Brown [Oxford South, President Executive Council] said his only object was to accede to the feeling of the House; but, at the same time, he thought that explanations on this Hudson’s Bay question should go to the country. For three nights he had awaited the opportunity of making those explanations, and was now ill-content to allow this opportunity to pass without stating what he had to say. He had no objection to the bill passing, it did not entail such a long discussion as would prevent him making his explanations.

Antoine-Aimé Dorion [Hochelaga] said there was no order or notice on the paper relating to those explanations on the North-West Territory, and if the hon. gentleman spoke at present, it was only to explain and not to bring in any measure.

George Brown [Oxford South, President Executive Council]—Well, if that is the ground you take, I will move that we take up item 16 (Militia Amendment Bill).

John Sandfield Macdonald [Cornwall] proceeded to complain that notice of the matter, about which the President of the Council [George Brown] was going to speak, had been put on the paper[3].

Finally, the matter dropped, with an understanding that the explanations would be given on Saturday, as the first order.


[1]      Source: “Provincial Parliament,” [Quebec] Morning Chronicle (Sep. 16, 1865).

[2]      This is reference to the Bill to amend and consolidate the provisions contained in the Acts and Ordinances, relating to the incorporation of the City of Quebec… which was being discussed during this time, but is unrelated to Confederation.

[3]      Brown would speak on the North-West question the following day, Sep. 16, 1865.

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