Province of Canada, Legislative Assembly, 8th Parl, 4th Sess (22 August 1865)

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Date: 1865-08-22
By: Province of Canada (Parliament), Morning Chronicle
Citation: “Provincial Parliament. Legislative Assembly. Tuesday, August 22nd” [Quebec] Morning Chronicle (23 August 1865).
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TUESDAY, August 22nd.

The SPEAKER took the Chair at three o’clock.

After routine business—


By Mr. RANKIN— Bill to incorporate the Windsor and Sandwich Street Railway Company.

By Mr. RANKIN— Bill to incorporate the Windsor and Detroit Ferry Company.

By Mr. DUNKIN— Bill to incorporate the Knowlton Cemetery Company.

By Hon. J. S. MACDONALD— Bill to facilitate the winding up of the state of the late—

By Mr. WRIGHT (Ottawa)— Bill to change the name of the Bytown Consumer’s Gas Company and for other purposes.

By Mr. BOWMAN— Bill to grant certain powers to the Waterloo Mutual Fire Insurance Company.

By Mr. DUNSFORD— Bill to legalize certain by-laws and debentures of the County of Victoria.

By Mr. WALSH— Bill to amend Chapter 63, Con. Stat. Canada.

By Mr. J. B. E. DORION— Bill to confirm the present survey of the Township of Bulstrode.


Hon. Mr. GALT stated that through some error the Estimates which were submitted yesterday were not printed off immediately, owing, it was presumed, to instructions not having been sent to the printers. Of course the Government’s desire was that copies should have been printed and distributed yesterday, but, as he said before, through some oversight this could not be done. For that reason he thought it would not be right to consider those estimates before half-past seven this evening, which could be done conveniently, as he expected copies would be distributed among the members in half an hour. In accordance with the understanding come to on Friday last, the Hon. Atty. Gen. East proposed to proceed with the consideration of the Civil Code on Friday next, and this arrangement would necessitate the postponement of the financial statement till the following Tuesday, instead of Friday as first stated.

Hon. Mr. CARTIER thought it was better to inform the House that the Civil Code would be considered on Friday, so that members might be prepared.

Hon. Mr. HOLTON was understood to assent to the arrangements announced, in order that public business might suffer no objection.

The matter then dropped.


Hon. Mr. CARTIER moved that, during the remainder of the session, Government measures shall have precedence on Thursdays after half-past seven.

Hon. J. S. MACDONALD said he did not see that the Government even required two days per week, and he could not understand how it was they wanted an additional sitting. (Laughter.)

Hon. Mr. GALT said that no one knew better than the oldest member of the House that a certain number of sittings were necessary in order to advance a measure through its various stages. (Hear, hear.)

After some remarks from Hon. Mr. HOLTON, the motion was carried.


Hon. Mr. CARTIER moved the second reading of the bill to abolish the punishment of death in certain cases.

In reply to Hon. Mr. DORION,

Hon. Mr. CARTIER said that the object of the measure was merely to abolish the death penalty in relation to certain offences respecting which it had been abolished in England. In these cases it was never carried out here, and there was no occasion that it should continue nominally not he statute book.


Hon. Mr. LANGEVIN moved the second reading of the bill to amend the act to incorporate the Mutual Assurance Association of the Dioceses of Quebec and Three Rivers, and of Montreal and St. Hyacinthe.—Carried.


Bill to legalize by-law no.116 of the Corporation of the Township of Bayham, and to declare the debentures issued under the said by-law legal, valid and binding on the said Corporation.— Mr. WALSH.

Bill to amend the Act to incorporate the Montreal Homeopathic Association.—Hon. Mr. HOLTON.

Bill to incorporate Les Dames Religieuses de L’Assomption de la Bienheureuse Vierge Marie.—Mr. GAUDET.

Bill to enable Donald Alexander Livington to be admitted to practice Medicine, Surgery and Midwifery.— Hon. Mr. HOLTON.

Bill to incorporate the Ottawa City Passenger Railway Company.—Mr. CURRIER.

Bill to incorporate L’Union St. Henri des Taneries des Rollands.— Hon. Mr. DORION.

Bill to incorporate La Caisse de Bienfaisance de Temperance, Section St. Jacques.— Hon. Mr. DORION.


On the order being called for the third reading of the bill to amend chapter 15, Con. Stat. Lower Canada, respecting education—

Mr. TASCHEREAU moved to discharge the order and refer the bill to Committee of the Whole.

The motion was carried and the House went into Committee.—Mr. ROBITAILLE in the Chair.

The bill was amended in Committee, and was then read a third time.


Mr. BOURASSA moved the second reading of the bill to amend chapter 53, Con. Stat. Canada, entitled an act respecting weights and measures; and that the said bill be referred to a special committee.

Mr. DUNKIN moved in amendment to refer the bill to the Committee on Banking and Commerce.
The members were called in, and the amendment was carried, as was also the motion as amended— yeas, 66’ nays, 33.


Hon. Mr. CARTIER (in the absence of Hon. Mr. ABBOTT) moved the second reading of the bill to amend the Insolvency Act of 1864.— The hon. gentleman explained that the object was merely to amend some matters of detail. It was his intention to have the bill referred to a select Committee.

The motion was carried, and the bill referred accordingly.


Mr. HUOT moved the second reading of the bill to provide for the appointment of Commissioners to enquire into the affairs of the “Caisse d’economic, St. Roch de Quebec”; and that the said bill be referred to the Committee on Banking and Commerce.— Carried.


Mr. STREET moved the second reading of the bill to make further provision for the management of Permanent Building Societies in Upper Canada.

The motion was carried, and the bill was referred to Committee.


Mr. J. S. ROSS moved the second reading of the bill to facilitate the apprehension and conviction of horse thieves, and that the bill be referred to a Select Committee.

Mr. DUNKIN— Oh, send it to the Committee on Banking and Commerce. (Laughter.)
After some conversation the motion was carried.


Mr. ARCHAMBAULT moved the second reading of the bill to amend the act respecting the Notarial Profession.
The bill was read and referred to Committee.


Mr. PERRAULT moved the second reading of the bill to amend chapter 15 of the Consolidated Statutes for Lower Canada, and to provide more fully for appropriations in favour of Special School of Agriculture.
Objection, however, was taken on the ground that the matter should have originated in Committee of the Whole, and the motion was accordingly withdrawn.


The following bills were read a second time and referred to Committee:—

Bill to regulate the qualifications of Practitioners of Medicine and Surgery in Upper Canada.— Mr. PARKER.

Bill to amend the Game Laws of Upper Canada.

Bill to amend the Game laws of Upper Canada.

Bill to amend the Law respecting the Inspection of Leather and Raw Hides.—Mr. SOMMERVILLE.

Bill to provide for Imprisonment in certain cases of Summary Convictions.—Mr. McFARLANE.

Bill to provide more fully for the punishment of offences against the person in respect to the crime of kidnapping.—Mr. O’HALLORAN.

Bill concerning the Inspection of Flour and Meal.— Hon. Mr. ROSE.

Bill concerning the Inspection of Pot and Pearl Ashes.— Hon. Mr. ROSE.

Bill intituled, “An Act containing special provisions concerning both Houses of the Provincial Parliament” (from Legislative Council).— Hon. Mr. DORION.

Bill intituled, “An Act respecting County Courts (from the Legislative Council).— Mr. SCATCHERD.

Bill to amend the Act respecting abuses prejudicial to Agriculture, chapter 26 of the Consolidated Statutes for Lower Canada.— Mr. BELLEROSE.

Bill to amend Chapter 22-28th Victoria, “for the punishment of persons selling intoxicating liquors without a license and for other purposes therein mentioned; and also to amend Chapter 38— 23rd Victoria, entitled “An Act to amend the Act respecting the civilization of Indians.”—Mr. A. MACKENZIE.


Hon. Mr. ROSE moved the second reading of the bill to amend the Flour Inspection Act. He thought it right to call attention to the provisions of the bill in order that those interested might make their view known, before the Committee on Banking and Commerce, to which he proposed referring it. In one to clauses, it was proposed to define the depth and width of the instrument used for inspection—making the width 11-16ths of an inch. At present the diameter only was defined. By another clause it was practically proposed to give the Boards of Trade power to regulate the inspection fees which were now fixed by law at 13 cents per barrel. This he (Mr. Rose) regarded as a very debatable point, and though he had, out of respect to the body which sent him the bill, agreed to introduced it, he did not wish it to be understood that he was committed to support this or several other features of the measure; but must reserve his opinion until he heard arguments to sustain the changes asked for. It was further proposed to relieve the inspector from the obligation of making certain returns, both as regards short weights or otherwise, which he was now obliged to do. How far this might be expedient it was for the trade to say. There were clauses altering the amount as well as the destination of penalties in respect of false tares, and to these he felt it necessary to call attention. In order that the various Boards of Trade and all parties interested might place members in possession of their views, he (Mr. Rose) would not ask for its consideration by the Committee until Friday next.

The motion was carried.


Hon. Mr. ALLEYN introduced a bill to incorporate the Protestant Benevolent Society of Quebec.
The bill was read a first time, and ordered for a second reading.


On motion of Mr. GALT the House went into Committee of Supply— with estimates for the year ending June, 1866, referred

— Mr. STREET in the chair.

In answer to Hon. Mr. HOLTON,

Hon. Mr. GALT, who was imperfectly heard in the Reporter’s Gallery, was understood to say that he intended to explain the course he proposed to pursue with regard to items of the Public Accounts to be considered on Thursday. He intended to take the vote on the ordinary estimates on the first evening of the consideration of the accounts with regard to those items on which probably there would be no discussion. This was the course he still intended to pursue. In reference to Hospitals and Charities, the Government had undertaken that a certain enquiry should be made, and a report on the subject was made at the close of last session. That report the Government had now under consideration for the purpose of submitting any supplementary estimates required for the service. On doing so the Government would be prepared to show for far they were determined to act of the suggestion of that report. As to the Militia, he thought he said the other day that the item for this service was that on which discussion might be expected to arise, and carrying out that view, the item of the militia was not submitted at present. The items respecting the Board of Works were withheld, being considered likely to provide discussion, as they involved questions of policy.

The Committee rose, reported the resolution, and asked leave to sit again on Thursday.

The House then, at ten minutes to six p.m., adjourned.

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