Province of Canada, Legislative Assembly, Journals of the Legislative Assembly, Address in Reply, Representation by Population Amendment (4 February 1859)

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Date: 1859-02-04
By: Province of Canada (Legislative Assembly)
Citation: Province of Canada, Legislative Assembly, Journals of the Legislative Assembly, 1859 at 26-27.
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And the Question on the Amendment being again proposed; The House resumed the said adjourned Debate.

Mr. Hogan moved, in Amendment to the said proposed Amendment, seconded by Mr. Wallbridge, That the words,  the fundamental principle of the representative system, and one of the most important advantages resulting from it, is the right of the majority to have their views and opinions prevail in the administration of the country; and it is the duty of this House to repel any attempt which might endanger a principle which for centuries has preserved, in a wise measure of progress, the franchises and liberties of England. That, in declaring on the 28th day of July last,  “that in the opinion of this House the City of Ottawa ought not to be the permanent Seat of the Government of this Province, this House, without intending any want of respect to the Sovereign, expressed its views and opinions on the subject of the Seat of Government in the ordinary and constitutional exercise of its privileges” be left out, and the words “We will give our earnest attention to the question of the Seat of Government of Canada, and we feel it our duty to express our devoted attachment to Her Most Gracious Majesty, and our gratitude for the interest she has taken in the welfare of her Canadian subjects, by selecting the City of Ottawa as the future Seat of the Provincial Government; but we would, at the same time, respectfully beg leave to submit to Your Excellency, that the Federal Union of all the North American Colonies having been mooted by Your Excellency’s Constitutional Advisers to the Imperial Government, and also to the Governments of the other Colonies,—which, should such an union take place, might be desirous of having a voice in the selection of a Seat of Government,—it is inexpedient at present to take any steps towards the erection of Public Buildings at Ottawa,” inserted instead thereof.

And a Debate arising thereupon;

Ordered, That the Debate be adjourned until Monday next.

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