Province of Canada, Legislative Council (12 April 1849)

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Date: 1849-04-12
By: Province of Canada (Parliament), The Globe
Citation: “Legislative Council,”The Globe (14 April 1849).
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April 12.

The House met at 3 p,m.

A tedious conversation ensued on certain resolutions’ submitted by the Hon. Mr. McKay, in reference to the condition of the House by the addition of several gentlemen to that branch of the Legislature. The hon. Member moved that in the opinion of that Honourable House—the Constitution of the Council was defective.

Hon. Mr. MCGILL was not prepared to vote, that the Council should be an elective body. He considered the present system and its constitution as analogous to the House of Lords in England, as could be attained in the Colony. Ministers, in acting as they had done, had only exercised a constitutional right.

Hon. Mr. PINHEY moved an amendment to the effect that the exercise of the prerogative of the Crown, in adding new members, was a violation of the constitution of that House.

The vote on the amendment was subsequently taken, when Mr. Pinhey stood alone. The resolutions were then carried, and the subject dropped.

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