Province of Canada, Legislative Council, 8th Parl, 4th Sess (7 September 1865)

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Date: 1865-09-07
By: Province of Canada (Parliament), The Quebec Daily Mercury
Citation: “Provincial “Parliament. Legislative Council. The Quebec Daily Mercury (8 September 1865).
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(Reported for the Mercury.)


Wednesday, 6th Sept., 1865. [sic—Thursday, 7th Sept., 1865]

The SPEAKER took the Chair at three o’clock.

After routine—


Bill to incorporate the Curé of the Parish of Notre Dame de Quebec.


The Hon. Mr. FERGUSON BLAIR, from the Private Bills Committee, reported the Bill to legalize a certain assessment within the city of Toronto, with a number of the amendments.

Hon. Mr. ALLAN explain the nature of the amendments, and move the concurrence of the House in them.—Carried.

The Bill was that ordered for third reading to-morrow.


Hon. Mr. FERRIER from Select Committee, reported the Bill to amend the Act relating to the Bureau of Agriculture with several amendments, which were adopted, and the Bill was ordered for a third reading at the next sitting of the House.


Hon. Mr. BOSSE, from the select Committee reported several amendments to the Bill to mandala respect in the ordinary procedure in the Superior and Circuit Courts of Lower Canada.—Amendments adopted, and the bill was ordered for third reading at the next sitting of the House.


Hon. Mr. OLIVIER brought in the report of the Special Committee appointed to inquire into the causes of the late disastrous inundations at Berthier, Soreil and elsewhere. In the option of the Committee these inundations were due to the various piers and wharves erected on the St. Lawrence between Quebec and Three Rivers and they suggested the propriety of considering whether it would not be possible to cause the said obstructions to the flow of the water to be removed.

On motion of Hon. Mr. OLIVIER the report, with the testimony taken by the Committee upon which said report was based, was ordered to be referred to the printing Committee.

Also on motion of the same hon. member the report was ordered to be taken under consideration on Monday next.


Hon. Mr. ALEXANDER, from the Standing Committee on Agriculture, reported a recommendation that the Bill to amend the law of Lower Canada relating to abuses prejudicial to agriculture be not further proceeded with.


Hon. Mr. LACOSTE, from Select Committee, reported the Bill to amend the law of Lower Canada relating to the notarial profession with an amendment which was adopted.


The Bill to amend the law relating to masters and servants was reported from Committee without amendment and read a third time and passed.


Hon. Mr. SANBORN moved—“That an humble address be presented to his Excellency the Governor General, praying that His Excellency will be pleased to raise to be laid before this House a statement showing the amount due the townships of Lower Canada from the Seignoral indemnity fund under the provisions of the Consolidated Statutes of Canada, e. 83, sections 98 and 99, what municipalities have been paid any and what amounts on account of principal or interest of such fund; what sums have been applied in payment of Municipal Loan Fund debentures; for what municipalities, and how much to each municipality owning each debentures and when the same was so applied.”
The address was voted without discussion.


The SPEAKER announced a message from His Excellency the Governor General, transmitting for the information of the House, copies of the correspondence between the Secretary of State for the Colonies and the Governor General, relating to the Intercolonial Railway.


Pursuant to order, the Bill relating to the Civil Code of Lower Canada, was read a third time and passed.


To amend the Municipal Act of Lower Canada.—Hon. Mr. FERRIER.

To incorporate the English and Canadian Mining Company.—Hon. Mr. RYAN.


Hon. Sir N. F. BELLEAU gave notice that he would move that when the House adjourned to-morrow, it do adjourn until Saturday at three p.m.

The House then adjourned.


The SPEAKER resumed the Chair at eight o’clock.

After routine—


The following bills were read, announced by message from the Assembly, and read a first time:—
To amend Cap. 53, Consolidated Statutes of Canada relating to weights and measures.
To explain certain enactments of the Acts of Incorporation of the City of Montreal.


Hon. Mr. WILSON moved that when the House adjourned it should adjourn until to-morrow at eleven o’clock, a.m.

Hon. Mr. PERRY thought it desirable that it should be understood whether, in view of this motion, it was the intention of the Government to ask the House to meet on Saturday, as was propped. If a meeting was necessary on that day on the interest of public business, he trusted this proposition to meet to-morrow at eleven, would not be acquiesced in.

Hon. Mr. ROSS said it was quite evident, judging from the subjects which had occupied the other House all this day, and were likely again to occupy it the whole to-morrow, that there would be little to no business to come up to this House, and the motion for a meeting on Saturday would be useless.

Hon. Mr. ALLAN said the motion to adjourn till to-morrow at eleven would not necessarily preclude the House from meeting on Saturday, and it was thought proper to do so.

Hon. Sir. N. F. BELLEAU said though much business might be expected to come up, the House might be called on at any moment to take into consideration a matter involving a question came up to-morrow or on Saturday. Another consideration for a Saturday meet-was that the session was drawing to its close, and he though tit surely but right that the House should show to the country that it was always prepared to do the public business. Whether there was say business or not, we ought to be found at our posts. (Hear, hear.)

There was no objection to meet to-morrow at eleven o’clock.

Hon. Mr. WILSON said the meeting at eleven was not likely to retard public business, for if there was nothing then, they might have something at eight o’clock. The morning meeting would meet the convenience of members, and in no way impede business.

The motion was then put and carried.


Pursuant to order the following Bills were then read a third time and passed:—

To amend the Act relating to the Bureau of Agriculture.

To amend the Act respecting the ordinary procedure in the Superior and Circuit Courts in Lower Canada.

To amend the Act respecting the Notarial profession.

The House then adjourned.

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