Province of Canada, Legislative Council, 8th Parl, 5th Sess [The Globe] (17 July 1866)

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Date: 1866-07-17
By: The Globe, Province of Canada (Parliament)
Citation: “Provincial Parliament”, The Globe (18 July 1866).
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Provincial Parliament.

(Reported by our own Reporters, and specially Reported for the Globe)


OTTAWA, Tuesday, July 18 [sic—July 17)

The Speaker took the chair at 3 o’clock.


Hon. Mr. Sanborn inquired if the Government intended to introduce a measure to guarantee to the Protestant minority of Lower Canada their educational rights after Confederation takes place, if such measure will be initiated in the Legislative Council or the Legislative Assembly, and if it will be presented a sufficient time before prorogation to enable the Protestant population of Lower Canada to be informed of it, and give expression to their views upon to; and if it is intended to continue the system of public grants for superior schools.

Sir N.F. Belleau replied that the rights of the minority of Lower Canada are already guaranteed by the resolutions on Confederation adopted during last session, but an amendment to the School Act will be introduced during this session to put the minority in Lower Canada on the same footing as the Catholics in Upper Canada. It is intended to continue the system of public grants as long as the present system lasts. A measure would be initiated in the Assembly in sufficient time.


The following Bills were read a third time.

Hon. Mr. Moore—Act to convert pen[missing] into fuel by stars.

Hon. Mr. Leonard—Act to incorporate the Bank of London.


The following bills were read a second time:

Hon. Mr. Campbell—To authorize the appointment of a Registrar in the District of Nipissing, who shall receive a salary of $800, providing the fees of his office do not reach that amount.

Hon. Sir N.F. Belleau—Act to facilitate the rendering of judgment in the Courts of Queen’s Bench and Superior Court in Lower Canada.

Also, an Act for indemnifying the members of the Executive Government and others, for the unavoidable departure from the provisions of the Audit Act, occasioned by the necessity of maintaining a large militia force on active duty on the frontier in the years 1865 and 1866.

Also, an Act to amend the Act to incorporate the cure of the Parish of Notre Dame de Quebec.

Hon. Mr. Ferrier—An Act to incorporate the Canada Rubber Company of Montreal.

Hon. Mr. Bull—An Act to incorporate the Board of Trade of the city of Hamilton.

Hon. Mr. Ferguson Blair—An Act referring to the Court of Chancery causes hearing.

The House adjourned at six o’clock.

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