Province of Canada, Legislative Council, Scrapbook Debates, 8th Parl, 2nd Sess, (9 March 1864)

Document Information

Date: 1864-03-09
By: Province of Canada (Parliament)
Citation: Province of Canada, Parliament, Scrapbook Debates, 8th Parl, 2nd Sess, 1864 at 74.
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Reciprocity Treaty

The Speaker announced a Message from the Legislative Assembly informing the Council that they had appointed a Committee, (the names of the members of which were given,) to consider the subject of the Reciprocity Treaty with the United States and requesting the Council to co-operate by the appointment of a Committee of their own to act in concert.

On motion of David Christie [Erie, elected 1858] the matter was agreed to be taken under consideration on Friday next.

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