Province of Canada, Legislative Council, Scrapbook Debates, 8th Parl, 5th Sess, (12 June 1866)

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Date: 1866-06-12
By: Province of Canada (Parliament)
Citation: Province of Canada, Parliament, Scrapbook Debates, 8th Parl, 5th Sess, 1866 at 8.
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June 12th, 1866


The Speaker took the chair at 3 o’clock.


Montreal Savings Bank


After several petition had been presented, the speaker placed before the house a return to Montreal Saving’s Bank.


Presenting the Address


Hon. Sir. N. F. Belleau reported that His Excellency the Governor General, would receive the Address in answer to the speech from the throne, tomorrow, at half-past 3 o’clock at his office in town.


Printing Committee


Hon. Sir. N. F. Belleau moved, that the following gentlemen be a committee on printing, viz: Hon. Messrs., Aikins, Alexander, Burnham, Christie, Duchesnay, E. H. I., Dumonchek, Foster, McDonald, Simpson, Sanborn, and Reesor. – Carried


Private Bills


Hon. Sir N. F. Belleau moved that the following members be a committee on standing orders and private bills, viz; Hon. Messrs. Allen, Aikens, Campbell, Blair, Ferguson, Bosse, Bureau, Panet, Moore, Currie, Ferier, Macpherson, McCres, Olivier, Ross, Sanborn, Boulton, Ryan, Lacosteant Dickson. – Carried.


Importation of Live Stock


Hon. Mr. Read gave notice that on Thursday next, he will inquire of the government, whether liberty has been given for the importation of live stock into Canada from Europe, if so of what description, and under, what regulations and to whom.


Contingent Accounts


Hon. Sir N. F. Belleau moved that the Hon. Messrs, Alexander, Armand, Boulton, Christie, Lacoste, Le Tellier de St Just, Armstrong, McMaster, Mills, Perry, Read, Ross, Duchesnay, A. J. Shaw, Campbell, Wilson, Bureau, Matheson, Seymour, be appointed a Committee to examine and report upon the Contingent Accounts of the Legislative Council for the present session. – Carried


Library Committee


Hon. Sir N. F. Belleau, moved that the Hon, Messrs. Allan, Belleau Sir N. F., Fergusson Blair, Campbell, Moore, Bosse, Le Tellier de St Just, Quesnel and Ross, be appointed by Committee to assist His Honor the Speaker in the direction of the Library of Parliament, so far as the interest of this House are concerned, and to act on behalf of this House as members of a joint committee of both House on the Library.


Journals Committee


Hon. Sir N. F. Belleau moved, that the Hon. Messrs. Cormier, Bennett, Blake, Chaffers, Flint, Foster, Gingras, Guevremont, Leonard, Leslie and Shaw, be appointed a committee to purchase and perfect the journals of this and former sessions of the Principal Parliament. – Carried


Agricultural Committee


Hon. Sir N. F. Belleau moved that a select committee be appointed to inquire and report what measures can be adopted for the advancement of agriculture in this Province, with power to send for persons, paper, and records, and that the said committee be composed of the Hon. Messrs. Aikins, Alexander, Armand, Blake, Burnham, Duchesnay F. H. I., Le Tellier de St. Just, Olivier, Sanborn, Simpson, Christie, Moore, Proulx, Prudhomme, Armstrong, and Skead. – Carried


Banking and Commerce


Hon. Sir N. F. Belleau moved that the hon. messrs. Archambault, Belleau Sir N. F. Bull, Crawford, Ferrier, Hamiton, (Kingston), Hamilton (Inkermann), Macpherson, McDonald, McMaster, Moore, Price, Ryan, Simpson, Vidal, Wilson, Mills, Read, Leslie, Allan, and Seymour, be appointed a committee on banking and commerce for the present session, to whom shall be referred all bills on those subjects. – Carried




Hon. Mr. Le Tellier de St. Just said that before the House closed, he desired to know whether the Government intended to give the explanations concerning the changes in the personnel of the Administration, which has been promised yesterday.

Hon. Sir N. F. Belleau said the position was the same today as yesterday, that Mr. Brown had not yet arrived, but was expected tomorrow, when he hoped the explanations would be made.


After some further conversation, in which several members took part, it was agreed that if Mr. Brown was not in his place tomorrow and the house desired to have the explanation, they would be given.


The house then adjourned until tomorrow.

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