Province of Canada, Legislative Council, Scrapbook Debates, 8th Parl, 5th Sess, (14 June 1866)

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Date: 1866-06-14
By: Province of Canada (Parliament)
Citation: Province of Canada, Parliament, Scrapbook Debates, 8th Parl, 5th Sess, 1866 at 9.
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THURSDAY, June 14th, 1866


The Speaker took the chair at 3 o’clock. After routine


Accommodations for Members in the Gallery of the Assembly


The Speaker begged to inform the House that in regard to the complaint of being unable to hear from the place assigned to them in the gallery of the Legislative Assembly, that another portion of said gallery on one of the sides had been set apart by the Speaker of the House for their accommodations, where it was hoped they would be enabled better to hear what was going on.


Private Bill Committee


Hon. Mr. Allan, chairman of the committee standing orders and private bills, reported certain bills as in order. The report also recommended that the quorum be reduced to five members.


The report was received, and on motion of the same honourable member the quorum was reduced as recommended.


Joint Library Committee


Hon Sir. N. F. Belleau moved that the Library committee be authorized to act with the Library committee of the legislative assembly is a joint committee, and that a message with the names of said committees be sent to that house.


On motion of Mr. honourable LeTellier De St. Just the name of the Hon. Mr. Olivier was added to said committee.


First Readings


Hon. Sir N. F. Belleau introduced a Bill to incorporate the St. Lawrence Navigation Company. Second reading on to the next.

Hon. Mr. Campbell Bill to authorize Pierson Harris to obtain a patent for a machine for deodorising Petroleum mines. Second reading Thursday.


Hon. Mr. Sanborn Bill to provide means for serving legal process on corporations having no office or place of business. Second meeting on Monday.


The same Hon. MemberBill to amend the Commissioner Court act of Lower Canada. Second reading Thursday.


Indemnity for Losses by Fenian Raid


Hon. Mr. Moore give notice that once the next she would inquire from the government whether it was their intention to afford any indemnity to the people of the Missiquoi for the losses they had sustained by the invasion of the horde of ruffians calling themselves Fenians, and also whether they proposed to organize a military force in that part of the country to prevent the recurrence of such outrages.




The Speaker announced a message form the Legislature Assembly asking the House to name a Committee on Printing to act with the committee of the house as a joint printing committee.


Hon. Sir N. F. Belleau moved that the Priting Committee of this House appointed the 12th inst., be instructed to act on behalf of this House with the Printing Committee of the Legislative Assembly is a Joint Committee.




Hon. Sir N. F. Belleau said, he had the honour yesterday to ask the house to allow him to postpone the explanations in relation to the resignation of the Hon. Mr. Geo. Brown until today. He had seen Mr. Brown and that gentlemen had desired the communication of certain papers before he gave his explanations, which papers were furnished him, but as he desired to have until tomorrow to examine them, he (Mr. Belleau) begged to be allowed to defer the explanations until then.

Hon. Mr. LeTellier de St. Just (Hear, hear and laughter)


The House then adjourned.

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