Province of Canada, Legislative Assembly, Summary, 6th Parl, 1st Sess (28 July 1858)

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Date: 1858-07-28
By: Province of Canada (Parliament), Montreal Herald
Citation: “By Telegraph. Provincial Parliament.” Montreal Herald (28 July 1858).
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Toronto, July 28.

To-day, there came up the further consideration of Mr. Mackenzie’s motion “that the political union of Upper and Lower Canada occasions great discontent to a large portion of Her Majesty’s subjects”—and of Dr. Connor’s amendment, “that the Union cannot be attended with happy results so long as a territorial distinction is maintained between Upper and Lower Canada, and the maintenance in the Executive of gentlemen from Upper Canada, who do not possess the confidence of that section of the country, has produced great discontent and a desire for constitutional changes, which would secure the rights of Upper Canadians”—and of Mr. Gowan’s amendment to the latter, “that, in view of the large responsibilities taken by the United Provinces, it is not desirable to take any step to weaken the Union, but rather to cement the ties by mutual forbearance and good will.”

A division was taken on the second amendment, which was lost.—67 to 34.

Mr. Thibaudeau then moved, that although repeal is not expedient, yet the system, &c.

The Speaker ruled the amendment out of order.

A debate sprung up on Dr. Connor’s amendment, which was proceeding when the report left.

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