Province of Canada, Legislative Assembly, 8th Parl, 3rd Sess (27 January 1865)

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Date: 1865-01-28
By: Province of Canada (Parliament), Morning Chronicle
Citation: “Provincial Parliament. Legislative Assembly. Friday, Jany. 27th” [Quebec] Morning Chronicle (28 January 1865).
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FRIDAY, January 27, 1865.[1]



  •       (p. A:4)

The Speaker read a message from His Excellency the Governor General, laying before the House the formal resolutions adopted at the Quebec Conference; also, the correspondence on the subject with the Imperial Government, and with the other British Provinces.

On motion of John A. Macdonald [Kingston, Attorney-General West], it was resolved that 3,000 copies in English, and 1,500 copies in French be printed for the user of members.

Antoine-Aimé Dorion [Hochelaga].—May I ask if these papers are sent in answer to the address moved yesterday, or are there any additional papers yet to come down?

John A. Macdonald [Kingston, Attorney-General West] said they were not sent down in answer to the address, but were the documents referred to in His Excellency’s Speech. He was not sure whether there were any other papers on the subject.

Antoine-Aimé Dorion [Hochelaga] said it had been stated that there was some correspondence relative to the Western Colonies, Vancouver’s Island, and British Columbia, which was yet to be brought down.

John A. Macdonald [Kingston, Attorney-General West] said he was not aware of any other papers, but if there were any, they would be brought down in answer to the address.

The subject then dropped.

[1] Source: [Quebec] Morning Chronicle (28 January 1865).

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