Canada, Senate Debates, “Special Joint Committee—Witnesses”, 32nd Parl, 1st Sess (2 December 1980)

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Date: 1980-12-02
By: Canada (Parliament)
Citation: Canada, Senate Debates, 32nd Parl, 1st Sess, 1980 at 1336.
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SENATE DEBATES — December 2, 1980

[Page 1336]



Hon. Raymond J. Perrault (Leader of the Government): I have here, honourable senators, a delayed answer to the question by Senator Roblin on November 25, 1980, concerning the numbcr of groups that have submitted briefs and wish to appear before the Special Joint Committee of the Senate and the House of Commons on the Constitution of Canada.

In response to Senator Roblin’s question, I table the following:

A list of witnesses who have appeared before the Special Joint Committee on the Constitution of Canada. (English Text).

A statistical compilation of witnesses heard or wishing to be heard by the Special Joint Committee on the Constitution of Canada, and submissions received by the said Committee. (English Text).

(For text of documents see appendix, p. 1345.)

Honourable senators, this compilation is a very long list. First comes a list of witnesses who appeared before the committee through December 1. Next comes a compilation asked for by Senator Roblin, which is a complete list of witnesses by organization, and each person in the delegation, according to the date they appeared. This may be of interest to honourable senators.

The second document I can just briefly say something about. The entire document, of course, is being tabled. Perhaps it can be incorporated in the record of today’s proceedings.

The Hon. the Speaker: Is it agreed, honourable senators?

Hon. Senators: Agreed.

Senator Perrault: The number of briefs and written submissions received was 529, plus 22 after the deadline of November 25. These include letters, telegrams, et cetera.

The number of groups wishing to appear was 274, plus five received after the deadline of November 25,

The number of individuals wishing to appear was 130, plus six after the deadline of November 25.

The number of groups making representations only was 74, plus one received after the deadline of November 25.

The number of individuals making representations only was 400, plus seven received after the deadline of November 25.

The numbers wishing to appear by category are listed in great and exhaustive detail in the document I have tabled this evening.

Honourable senators may have further questions after they review this list, but I think it will be of interest to all, and perhaps will provide the most cogent and succinct reason why members of this house and other place have proposed that the hearings be extended to February 6. The Canadian people have proven that they are not backward at coming forward.

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