Telex from Howard Leeson (SK) to Jean Chrétien et al re Section 28, Copy 2 (23 November 1981)

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Date: 1981-11-23
By: William Davis, Government of Ontario
Citation: Telex from Howard Leeson to Jean Chrétien et al (23 November 1981), Copy 2.
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Justice OTT
Intergov Aff Reg
To Rogert

To Roger Tassee
Deputy Minister of Justice

November 23 1981

To: Hon. Jean Chretien
Minister of Justice

From Howard Leeson,
Deputy Minister
Saskatchewan Intergovernmental Affairs

I have been asked to propose a minor wording change to section 28 to ensure that this section does not conflict with section 15(2). This suggestion is not meant to qualify the position set out in Mr. Romanow’s telex to you of November 18th. If the suggestion does not commend itself to you, then our position set out in the November 18th telex stands. Our suggestion is that a subsection (2) be added to section 28 to deal with the affirmative action problem as we perceive it.

The new subsection would read as follows=

28(2) Nothing in subsection 91) precludes any law, program or activity that has as its object the amelioration of conditions of individuals or groups that are disadvantaged because of sex.

C.C. Premier Allan Blakeney
Hon. Roy Romanow
Michael Kirby
Roger Tasse
Provincial Deputy Ministers

Justice OTT

Intergov Aff Reg

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