“The British American Confederation” New York Times (9 November 1864)

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Date: 1864-11-09
By: New York Times
Citation: “The British American Confederation” , New York Times (9 November 1864).
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The British American Confederation.–In a speech delivered at Toronto, on Thursday last, Hon. George Brown, one of the leading members of the Canadian Government, gave a semi-official outline of the scheme of federal union adopted by the Quebec Conference. It differs in no essential particular from the programme which our special correspondent was in a position to furnish several weeks ago. Mr. Brown, indeed, says that the outline (which was first published in the Times) was given with surprising accuracy. We notice from the tone of the Toronto addresses that the delegates are not disposed to submit their project to the test of a popular vote. They Seem to think that there is a sufficient indication of the popularity of the measure in the fact that the delegates belong to different political parties. It is doubtful whether this argument can hold water. The people may be prepared to give their assent to the principle of union, and may yet be thoroughly opposed to the details of the measure. As, for instance, to that part of it which deprives them of the right of electing members of the Legislative Council, and vests that power in the Crown. It is not a satisfactory sign, in any case, this of hurrying through a great constitutional measure without consulting the people.

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