“The British Colonial Union” New York Times (21 November 1864)

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Date: 1864-11-21
By: New York Times
Citation: “The British Colonial Union”, New York Times (21 November 1864).
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The British Colonial Union – It is evident, as our Quebec Correspondent has always pointed out, that the British Government are eager to push the Provincial Union Scheme through with as little delay as possible. Mr. George Brown, the President of the Canadian Executive Council, has been deputied by his colleagues to go to England and explain the scheme agreed upon before the meeting of the Imperial Parliament. Early in January, the Provincial Legislature are to be convened, to give the new Constitution whatever legal sanction they have the power to give it. And unless there should be a hitch in the House of Commons, the Union will probably be consummated before the close of next year. This hasty-pudding style of thing seems to us to cheat the Provincial voters out of their right of saying whether their rulers have done right or wrong in the Quebec Conference. We should have thought that the colonists might with advantage have been asked to say whether the new Constitution has their approval.

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