“The Canadian Federation,” The Globe (10 August 1864)

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Date: 1864-08-10
By: The Globe
Citation: “The Canadian Federation”, The Globe [Toronto] (10 August 1864).
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(From the Boston Advertiser, 8th)

The recent political combinations in Canada have pointed not only to a federation of the Canadas, but of all the British American colonies. By the soundest of arguments it has been reasoned that common interests could best be promoted, and local jealousies made least mischievous, by a union which, without undertaking to absolutely fuse inconsistent elements, should still bring them under a common authority in matters of general concern, and unite the strength of all. It is not necessary even to resort to the argument amiably put forth by the London Saturday Review, that “a glance at the map is sufficient to show that some sort of union between these communities is essential for their protection from such neighbours as they possess in the Northern Americans.” Whether the “Northern Americans” are likely hereafter to be good neighbours or bad, there are certainly enough reasons of internal policy to recommend the course now so strongly urged in the Canadas and so temptingly set before the other British provinces.

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