“The Great Confederation”, The Globe (11 October 1864)

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Date: 1864-10-11
By: The Globe
Citation: “The Great Confederation”, The Globe [Toronto] (11 October 1864).
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QUEBEC, Oct. 10.

On Saturday a detachment of the delegates from the Maritime Provinces arrived by steamer from St. John to Portland, and thence by rail to Quebec. Yesterday the Canadian Government steamer Queen Victoria arrived from below, having on board Sir Richard MacDonnell, Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia, Lady MacDonnell, and the remainder of the delegates. A number of ladies accompanied the delegates. The delegated are the guest of the Province, and quarters have been provided for the whole party at the St. Louis Hotel.

The Conference of representatives form the several British American Colonies, summoned by His Excellency the Governor General, to consider the expediency of uniting all British North America under one government, assembled at Quebec, on Monday, 10th October. The members assembled in the Parliament buildings, at 11 o’clock, when the list of delegates, all of whom were present, was made up as follows – For Canada: Hon. Sir E. P. Tache, M.L.C., Minister for Militia; Hon. John A. Macdonald, M.P.P., Attorney General U.C.; Hon. G. E. Cartier, M.P.P., Attorney General L.C.; Hon. Geo. Brown, M.P.P., President of the Executive Council; Hon. O. Mowat, M.P.P., Postmaster General; Hon. A. T. Galt, M.P.P., Minister of Finances; Hon. T. D. McGee, M.P.P., Minister of Agriculture : Hon. Hon. Wm. McDougall, Provincial Secretary; Hon. Alex Campbell, M.L.C., Commissioner of Crown Lands; Hon. J. C. Chapais, M.P.P., Commissioner of Public Works; Hon. Hector Langevin, M.P.P., Solicitor General L.C,; Hon. James Cockburn, M.P.P, Solicitor General U.C. For Nova Scotia: Hon. Charles Tupper, M.P.P., Provincial Secretary; Hon. A. G. Archibald, M.P.P.,; Hon. W. A. Henry, M.P.P., Attorney General; Hon. Jonathan McCulley, M.L.C., Hon. R. B. Dickey, M.L.C. For New Brunswick; – Hon. Samuel L. Tilley, M.P.P., Provincial Secretary; Hon. W. H. Steves, M.L.C., Executive Councillor; Hon Peter Mitchell, M.L.C., Executive Councillor; Hon. John M. Johnson, M.P.P., Attorney General; Hon. E. B. Chandler, M.L.C., Hon. John H. Gray, M.P.P., Hon. Charles Fisher, M.P.P. For Newfoundland : — Fredk. B. L. Carter, Esq., Speaker of the House of Assembly; Ambrose Shea, Esq., M.P.P. For Prince Edward Island :– Hon. Col. Gray, M.P.P., President of the Executive Council; Hon. W. H. Pope, M.P.P., Provincial Secretary; Hon. Edward Palmer, M.L.C., Attorney General; Hon. George Coles, M.P.P., Hon. Edward Whelan, M.L.C., Hon. A. A. McDonald, M.L.C., Hon. T. H. Haviland, M.P.P.

The Conference was organized by the appointment of Sir Etienne Tache as President, and the secretaries of the several Provinces as Joint-Secretaries of the Conference.

Various preliminary arrangements having been made for the conduct of the proceedings, the discussion of the great question before the Conference was formally opened, and continued up to 4 o’clock, when the Conference adjourned till to-morrow at 11 o’clock.

This evening the Governor-General entertains at dinner a large party, chiefly members of the Conference. The members of the Executive Council of Canada also entertain a number of the delegates this evening at the Stadacona Club.

His Excellency the Governor-General holds a drawing-room to-morrow evening in the Parliament Buildings.

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