“The Parliamentary Excursion to the Maritime Provinces,” Montreal Gazette (2 August 1864)

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Date: 1864-08-02
By: Montreal Gazette
Citation: “The Parliamentary Excursion to the Maritime Provinces,” Montreal Gazette (2 August 1864)
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As far as we have been able to ascertain, the following members of both Houses have expressed their intention of being present on Thursday next at Portland, to join in the excursion to the Lower Provinces:—

Legislative Council—Hon. Sir N. F. Belleau, Hon. Messrs Ferrier, Donald McDonald, H. Bonlton, P. H. Moore, Robt Read, Samuel Mills, A. A. Burnham, A. Vidal, Walter McCrea, Geo. Crawford, J. O. Burean, A. B. Foster, E. Leonard, D. Reesor, O. Wilson, Thos. Ryan, W. H. Chaffers, J. B. G. Proulx.

Legislative Assembly—Hon. Mr. McGee, Messrs. H. E. Tascherean, G. Perrault, J. G. Smith, A. Wright, L. Archambault, J. O. Beaubien, H. Munro, A. Dufresne, J. H. Bellerose, A. Walsh, A. Mackenzie, T. Scatcherd, A. Gagnon, M. Fortier, T. C. Wallbridge, W. Ferguson, Jas. Cowan, L. Burwell, Wm. Powell, David Thompson, Samuel Auit, R. Bell (Lanark), W. H. Webb, J. H. Poulin, Hon. M. Laframboise, John Poupore, Jones [South Leeds], Jones [North Leeds], Hon. J. Cauchon, Ferguson [Frontenac], Hon. John Rose, J. S. Ross [Dundas].

Of the press, we believe, there will be present the Editors or accredited representatives of the following journals:—

St. Johns News, La Minerve, Kingston Daily News, British American [Kingston], Montreal Witness, London Prototype, Montreal Gazette, Le Canadien, Ottawa Citizen, Chronicle, Montreal Herald, Kingston Whig, Toronto Globe, Sorel Gazette, Quebec Gazette, Montreal Evening Telegraph, Hamilton Spectator.

Besides the gentlemen above named, a few other gentlemen from the professional and commercial classes have, from their official position or connection with the Lower Provinces, been also invited, and accepted the invitation.

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