“The Quebec Conference”, The New York Herald (15 October 1864)

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Date: 1864-10-15
By: The New York Herald
Citation: “The Quebec Conference”, The New York Herald (15 October 1864).
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The Quebec Conference.

QUEBEC, Oct. 14. 1864.

The later colonial conference continues to meet with closed doors. It is understood that an invitation would be sent to [illegible] colonies to join the confederation. The discussions yesterday were in references to the appointment of the head of the confederate executive and the governors of the several provinces. A proposition that these are appointed by the Crown is said to have been favourably received. The delegates are receiving invitations from the different cities.

The removal of the seat of government of Ottawa has been much embarrassed by the [text ineligible] of the Ottawa Railroad on account of legal troubles.

[From the Montreal Gazette, Oct. 13.]

Our conference at Quebec telegraphs us the high important information that, it is understood, the Conference have passed two resolutions, one of which affirms the principle of intercolonial union.

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