UK, HC, “Newfoundland”, vol 284 (1933), cols 1095-1096.

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Date: 1933-12-19
By: UK (House of Commons)
Citation: UK, HC, “Newfoundland“, vol 284 (1933), cols 1095-1096.
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Colonel Wedgwood asked the Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs if he will appoint a small departmental committee to consider bow to carry out the recommendation of the Royal Commission on Newfoundland that the development of the land should be […]

  •        (1096)

[…] encouraged and speculation discouraged by an annual tax on forest lands?

The Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs (Mr. J. H. Thomas) My right hon. Friend will appreciate that this question will, in the first instance, be a matter for the consideration of the proposed Commission of Government, but his suggestion will be borne in mind in case, after examination of the Royal Commission’s recommendations on this matter, the new commissioners should desire further advice.

Colonel Wedgwood Is the right hon. Gentleman aware of what has been done in the Dominions in this direction, in particular with the provinces of Canada, and how far they have succeeded or failed, and the reason why?

Mr. Hannon Before the right hon. Gentleman replies—

Colonel Wedgwood May I first have an answer to my question?

Mr. Hannon  Would it not be better to let this matter stand over until the new commission is at work in Newfoundland?

Mr. Thomas I do not propose to enter into a controversy on this question of land values and taxation. The report specifically mentions this subject, and I have indicated that the first thing will be for the commissioners themselves to consider that report, and then it will be dealt with.

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