UK, House of Lords, “Prorogation of Parliament”, vol 55, cols 1404-1410 (11 August 1840)

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Date: 1840-08-11
By: UK (House of Lords)
Citation: UK, HL, “Prorogation of Parliament“, vol 55 (1840), cols 1404-1410.
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[…] “At the commencement of the present Session your Majesty was graciously pleased to recommend to our attention the subject of an union between the Canadas, the state of Municipal Corporations in Ireland, and the Report of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners with reference to the Established Church. We have applied ourselves with unremitting diligence to the

  • (col.1405)

consideration of these important subjects. We have enabled your Majesty to reunite the provinces of Upper and Lower Canada, and it has been our anxious desire so to provide for the constitutional government of that colony as to insure its permanent tranquillity, and by removing every obstacle to the full development of its resources, to lay the foundation for its future prosperity, and to render it a source of strength and greatness to the empire. […]

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