Canada, House of Commons Debates, “Newfoundland”, 20th Parl, 3rd Sess (19 May 1947)

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Date: 1947-05-19
By: Canada (Parliament)
Citation: Canada, House of Commons Debates, 20th Parl, 3rd Sess, 1947 at 3198.
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On the orders of the day:

Mr. GORDON GRAYDON (Peel): May I ask the Secretary of State for External Affairs if there is any further word with respect to the projected delegation of Newfoundlanders who were to come here to meet this government?

Right Hon. L. S. ST. LAURENT (Secretary of State for External Affairs): Communications are being exchanged at the present time to select a date which would meet the mutual convenience of the representatives of Newfoundland and of those here who will have to participate in the conference. On Friday representations were sent to the high commissioner in St. John’s, Newfoundland, asking him to put them before the Newfoundland representatives and to let us have their comment upon them.

Mr. GRAYDON: Will it be while parliament is sitting?

Mr. ST. LAURENT: That is one of the matters upon which their comment bas been invited. The hope had been expressed that the meeting might be early in June. We have not been able to state at what time the session of parliament will be concluded. We are giving them the information we have about the dates that might be available and convenient, and we are asking them to let us know what their preference would be.

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