Canada, House of Commons Debates, “Newfoundland”, 20th Parl, 3rd Sess (23 May 1947)

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Date: 1947-05-23
By: Canada (Parliament)
Citation: Canada, House of Commons Debates, 20th Parl, 3rd Sess, 1947 at 3372.
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On the orders of the day:

Mr. T. L. CHURCH (Broadview): I notice in this morning’s Ottawa Journal that a delegation from Newfoundland is bound for Washington to discuss a trade agreement between that country and the United States. First I should like to ask when the conference is to be held in connection with that country joining the Canadian confederation. Second, if they make a trade agreement with the United States will it interfere with the conference on confederation and preferences?

Right Hon. L.S. ST. LAURENT (Secretary of State for External Affairs): Within the last twenty-four hours June 25 has been fixed as the date for the opening of the meeting between the representatives of the assembly in Newfoundland and the representatives of Canada. Of course this government would not like to make any comment upon any action that is being taken with respect to trade agreements by the government of Newfoundland. It may very well be that the existence or non-existence of agreements will be matters to be considered at the conference, but this government would not presume to volunteer any advice or voice any criticism as to what is being done by another government.

Mr. GRAYDON: How many will compose the Newfoundland delegation?

Mr. ST. LAURENT: We have not been informed of the composition of the delegation.

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