COLLECTION: “Peace, Order, and Good Government”

Statutes, Instructions, etc. 

Royal Proclamation (1763)

Governor Murray’s Commission (1763)

Private Instructions to Governor Murray (1763)

Quebec Act (1774)

Massachusetts Government Act (1774)

Constitutional Act (1791)

An Act to Make Temporary Provision for the Government of Lower Canada (1838)

Union Act (1840)

New Zealand Constitution (1852)

An Act to provide for the Government of British Columbia (1858)

Proclamation of English law in force in British Columbia (1858)

Colonial Laws Validity Act, UK (1865)

Use in British Parliament:

Commons: Select Committee on the Civil Government of Canada, Report (1828)

Lords: King’s Speech on Opening the Session (1830)

Commons: Affairs of Canada (1838)

Lords: The Earl of Durham’s Ordinances (1838)

Lords: Canada—Declaratory and Indemnity Bill (1838)

Commons: Canada (1839)

Lords: Intercourse with China (1843)

Lords: Australian Colonies Government Bill (1850)

Lords: Second Reading (1867)

Commons: (Lords)—[Bill 52.] —Second Reading (1867) 

Confederation Debates, Province of Canada (1865): 

Legislative Council, Feb. 13

Legislative Council, Feb. 20

Legislative Assembly, Mar. 8

Legislative Assembly, Mar. 13

Confederation Debates, Newfoundland (1865):

House of Assembly, Feb. 28 

Confederation Debates, New Brunswick (1866): 

House of Assembly, June 27

House of Assembly, Mar. 24

House of Assembly, Mar. 29

Drafts of the British North America Act, 1867, Section 91:

Rough Draft

23 January Draft

1st Draft* (no mention of what would become s. 91)

2nd Draft

3rd Draft (Early)

3rd Draft (Revised)

4th Draft (Early)

4th Draft (Later)



The Confederation Question, Considered From a Prince Edward Island Point of View by W.H. Pope (1866)

The Powers of Canadian Parliaments by Samuel Watson (1880)

Practical Legislation by Lord Thring (1902)

“Documents Relating to the Constitutional History of Canada 1759-1791” in Sessional Papers (1907)

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