Despatch from Lieutenant Governor Arthur Gordon to Right Hon. Edward Cardwell (27 April 1865)

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Date: 1865-04-27
By: Arthur Gordon
Citation: Despatch from Lieutenant Governor Arthur Gordon to Right Hon. Edward Cardwell (27 April 1865) in UK, Parliament, Correspondence respecting the Proposed Union of the British North American Provinces (London: George Edward Eyre and William Spottiswoode, 1867).
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No. 9.

COPY of a DESPATCH from Lieut.-Governor the Hon. ARTHUR GORDON to the Right Hon. EDWARD CARDWELL, M.P.


Fredericton , April 27, 1865.
(Received May 22, 1865.)
(Answered No.76, May 27, 1865, page 118.)


I have the honour to transit to you a copy of the speech with which I this day opened the session of the Provincial Legislature.

I have, &c.


The Right Hon. Edward Cardwell, M.P.,
&c. &c. &c.

Enclosure in No.9.


“In compliance with the desire expressed by addresses from both branches of the Legislature at the last session, i appointed delegates to meet others appointed by the LIeutenant-Governors of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, for the purpose of considering the practicability of effecting a Legislative and Administrative Union of the maritime Provinces of British North America. The report of these delegates will immediately be laid before you.

“At the request of the Governor-General of Canada, and with the approbation of the Queen, i also appointed delegates to a Conference of representatives of the British North American Colonies, held in Quebec in the month of October last, with a view of arranging the terms of a Federal Union of British North America. The resolutions agreed to by this Conference appeared to me to be so important in their character , and their adoption fraught with consequences so materially affecting the future condition and well-being of British America, that, in order to enable the people of New Brunswick to give expression to their wishes on the subject, i determined to dissolve the theme existing House of Assembly. I now submit these resolutions to your judgement.”

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