Despatch from Viscount Monck to Right Hon. Edward Cardwell (8 June 1866)

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Date: 1866-06-08
By: Viscount Monck
Citation: Despatch from Viscount Monck to Right Hon. Edward Cardwell (8 June 1866) in UK, Parliament, Correspondence respecting the Proposed Union of the British North American Provinces (London: George Edward Eyre and William Spottiswoode, 1867).
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No. 15.

Copy of DESPATCH from viscount MONCK to the Right Hon. EDWARD CARDWELL., M.P.

(No. 48.)                                                                                                                                                                           Ottawa, June 8, 1866.

(Received, June 25, 1866)

SIR,                                                                                                                                        (Answered No. 70, June 30, 1866, page 47.)

I HAVE honour to enclose a copy of the speech with which I this day opened the session of the Canadian Parliament.

I have, &c.

The Right. Hon. Edward Cardwell, M.P.,                                                                      (Signed)                     MONCK.

Enclosure in  No. 15



The position which the great question of the Union of the Provinces of British North America has assumed is now such as to induce the expectation that the measure will be shortly carried into effect. I therefore hope and believe that it will be found practicable during the present session to adopt such proceedings as may be necessary for completing the details of the scheme as regards to this Province, and i venture to express the confident expectation that the next parliament which will be held within those walls will not be continued to an assembly of the representatives of Canada, but will embrace those of all the Colonies of British North America.

I am happy to be able to congratulate you on the general prosperity which pervades all classes of the community in the province, and I pray that your councils may be guided by divine providence to secure that which is the true end of all government, the moral and material advancement of the great body of the people.

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