Despatch from Viscount Monck to the Earl of Carnarvon (15 August 1866)

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Date: 1866-08-15
By: Viscount Monck
Citation: Despatch from Viscount Monck to the Earl of Carnarvon (15 August 1866) in UK, Parliament, Correspondence respecting the Proposed Union of the British North American Provinces (London: George Edward Eyre and William Spottiswoode, 1867).
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No. 16.

Copy of a DESPATCH from Viscount Monck to the Right Hon. the Earl of CARNARVON.


( No. 113.)                                                                                                                                                                      Ottawa, August 15, 1866

                                                                                                                                   ( Received August 19, 1866)

                                                                                                                             (Answered No.17, Sept. 5, 1866, p.48)


I HAVE the honour to enclose a copy of the speech with which I this day closed the Session of the Canadian Parliament.

I have &c.

The Right Hon. the Earl of Carnarvon,                                                                  ( Signed )          MONCK.

&c.             &c.         &c.

Enclosure in No. 16.



I REJOICE that you have completed your part of the plan for the Union of the colonies of british North America, and I shall not fail to transmit to the Secretary of State for the colonies, for presentation to Her Majesty, your address on this subject.

In bringing to a close the last session likely to be held under the Art for the Union of the two Canadas, I congratulate the Parliament which that Law called into existence on the retrospect afforded by the events of the last quarter  of a century in this Province.

You can mark during that period the firm consolidation of your internal resources and foreign trade — the improvement and simplification of your laws — and above all the education which the adoption of the system of responsible government has afforded to your statesmen in the well-tried ways of the British Constitution.

The same principles, the application of which has been attended with so much advantage in the smaller Union, will be the guide of your course in the larger sphere of action on which you are now about to enter, and I fervently pray that the blessings which you have hitherto enjoyed may be given in larger measure to that new nationality of which you will form a part and the dimensions of which will entitle it to a high place amongst the powers of the world. 

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