Memorandum from R.G. Robertson [“Patriation” of the constitution and the interprovincial conference] to Mr.Haney (11 August 1975)

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Date: 1975-08-11
By: R.G. Robertson
Citation: Memorandum from R.G. Robertson to Mr.Haney (11 August 1975).
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August 11, 1975.

c.c.: Mr. Carter
Mr. Bélec
Mr. Neville
Mr. Gwyn
Mr. Hurley


“Patriation” of the constitution
and the interprovincial conference

After getting your memorandum of August 8, I got Harold Millican on the telephone. I told him that I was not at all anxious to have an invitation to go to the meeting of Provincial First Ministers. I said my main reason for not wishing so to go was that Mr. Bourassa had made it clear that he wanted to have the discussions kept confidential at this stage. If I were to attend, it would be only for a fairly full and active discussion of the “patriation” proposal and this would almost certainly lead to some public notice or information which could be embarrassing to Mr. Bourassa at this stage. Mr. Millican said he fully understood and that he would reflect my View to Mr. Lougheed. He was sure that he too would understand.

I asked Millican whether he had seen my letter of July 28 to Mr. Lougheed. It turned out that he had not and he thought it was possible that Mr. Lougheed had not since he had been away. He is going to bring it to Mr. Lougheed’s attention.

I made no reference whatever to the indications in the final paragraph of your memorandum that some provinces were dubious about the desirability of having federal observers at the Premiers’conferences.


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