Memorandum from J.R. Hurley [Form for a Proclamation of the Governor General] to Mr. R.G. Robertson (12 August 1975)

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Date: 1975-08-12
By: J.R. Hurley
Citation: Memorandum from J.R. Hurley to Mr. R.G. Robertson (12 August 1975).
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August 12, 1975



Mr. Carter
Mr. Gravelle
Mrs. Reed

Form for a Proclamation
of the Governor General

As requested, I have prepared five copies, in
French and in English, of the Form for a Proclamation of
the Governor General, less the references to culture, and
of the federal language rights. Apendix 3 (other languages)
has not been added to this set. Three copies of the documents
are attached and two were sent to Mr. Julien Chouinard,
along with your covering letter.

In rereading the French version of the Proclama-
tion, I noticed two small technical problems which are not
of importance at this stage of discussion, but which should
be raised when this document enters its final stage of

1. The word “et” has been placed at the beginning of
section (c) of the preamble in the French version,
whereas it is the last word of section (b) in the
English version. The procedure followed in the
English version seems preferable for the final
draft. It is also the procedure used in the fourth
Article (Part ?) of the Proclamation.



The last sentence of Article (Part ?) 4 of the Procla-
mation refers to “ce titre” – that is “this Part” –
rather than “cet article”. The Victoria Charter
used the term Part/titre and each Part/titre was
subdivided into articles. The reference to Parts/
titres in the first two draft articles of the Procla-
mation also causes some ambiguity concerning the
terminology that should be used. This matter should
be kept in mind when the final draft is prepared.

J.R. Hurley

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