Memorandum from R.G. Robertson [Article 40 of the patriation proclamation] to Mrs. Reed (6 November 1975)

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Date: 1975-11-06
By: R.G. Robertson
Citation: Memorandum from R.G. Robertson to Mrs. Reed (6 November 1975).
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Mr. Carter
Mr. Jodouin
Mr. Hurley

November 6, 1975


Article 40 of the patriation proclamation

Thank you for your memorandum of today’s
date with the copies in English and French of the
latest version of Article 40. I spoke on the telephone
this afternoon to Judge Chouinard and read to him the
two texts at a pace that permitted him to take
them down. He is completely satisfied with the
English version and, subject to thinking about it
over night, believes that he is prepared to recommend
it to Mr. Bourassa.

So far as the French version is concerned,
Judge Chouinard suggests two changes:

(a) To substitute “par ailleurs” for
“autrement” in two places – in the 8th line of
paragraph (1) and the final line of paragraph (2);

(b) To substitute “de la loi” for “des lois”
also in two places where that phrase occurs – lines 8 and
9 of paragraph (1) and the final line of paragraph (2).

I discussed these two changes with
Mr. Hurley late this afternoon and he thinks that both
are desirable and constitute a more precise rendition
of what the English says or intends. He is going to
speak to you in the morning about this.

The position is left that I will telephone
Judge Chouinard again tomorrow morning to tell him
satisfactory and to confirm that the text of Article 40
is one that he is prepared to recommend to Mr. Bourassa.
Assuming that all is well, he will try to get the
draft proclamation with this version of Article 40 to
Mr. Bourassa this weekend. The Prime Minister
plans to call him next week.

Would you please let me haye two copies
in English and French of the proclamation in this
completed draft form.


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