Province of Canada, Legislative Assembly (27 October 1854)

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Date: 1854-10-27
By: Province of Canada (Parliament), The Globe
Citation: The Globe (7 November 1854).
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            Sol. Gen. ROSS moved, that, in the absence of Mr. Drummond the second reading of the Seignorial Bill be deferred till Monday next, and that it be then the first order of the day. This delay, he said, would also allow time for the Bill to be printed and placed in the hands of members.

Atty. Gen. MACDONALD, in reference to the Order of the Day for the House going into Committee of the Whole on the Clergy Reserve Bill, said it was not the intention of the Government to proceed with that Bill, until the Seignorial Bill had passed its second reading.

Mr. BROWN said the House had now been in session for a considerable time, and those Bills should really be placed before the House that action might be taken on them. The season was fast approaching when many of the members would be leaving Quebec, and it was exceedingly desirable to press on those Bills, while there was a full House.

Hon. Mr. MORIN, in regard to the Legislative Council Bill, said there was no wish on his part for delay, but he felt that it would be an overtask for him to go on with that Bill to-day.

Mr. DORION (Montreal) thought the House would not insist on the Legislative Council Bill going on, until those relating to the Clergy Reserves and the Seignorial Tenure were proceeded with. (Hear, hear.)

Mr. LANGTON said he had moved on the 24th of September for a return of all the Incumbents entitled to grants from the Clergy Reserve Fund, and the amounts they were receiving. He wished to know if that information would be laid on the table before the House went into Committee on the Bill.

Mr. CAYLEY replied that the return was being prepared as fast as possible.

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