Province of Canada, Legislative Assembly, 5th Parl, 1st Sess (27 October 1854)

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Date: 1854-10-27
By: The Globe
Citation: “By Telegraph. Legislative Proceedings” The Globe (28 October 1854).
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By Telegraph.


QUEBEC, October 27, 1854.

Last night Mr. FERRES introduced a Bill to incorporate Kingsley Slate Works.

Also, Mr. A. M. DORION to incorporate Shipton Slate Works.

The School Report for Upper Canada for 1853, was ordered to be printed.

Mr. FELTON’s Bill to prevent the traffic in intoxicating drinks, was debated till midnight and read a second time on a vote of 95 to 5. This vote however was only obtained on the understanding of referring the Bill to a special Committee. Many members voted for this who were opposed to the principle. Mr. Hincks and others desired to have no division, but Mr. McKenzie insisted on the division.

To-night the following bills were introduced: Savings Bank amendment Bill; Mr. Ferres, to amend the Quebec Rioters Act; Mr Drummond’s Lower Canada Municipalities Bill was brought in by Mr. Ross; Mr. Bell to amend the Elective Franchise Acts.

The call of the House was made.


Mr. Sol. Gen. Ross asked to postpone the Bill till Monday next in consequence of the sickness of the Hon. Mr. Drummond and the non distribution, as yet, of copies of the Bill among the members.


Hon. Mr. McDONALD (Kingston) wished to have this bill postponed till Tuesday next, to follow immediately after the Seignorial Tenure Bill.

After a slight discussion in the course of which it appeared that returns asked for by Mr. Langton had not yet been received, the application was assented to.


Hon. Mr. MORIN wished to postpone this bill, as it would be too much for him now to bring it on.

Mr. DORIN, of Montreal, thought that this bill should be delayed until the two former measures had been before the house.

Mr. Ferres’ Holiday Bill was in discussion when the report left.

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