Province of Canada, Legislative Assembly, Scrapbook Debates, 8th Parl, 5th Sess, (19 June 1866)

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Date: 1866-06-19
By: Province of Canada (Parliament)
Citation: Province of Canada, Parliament, Scrapbook Debates, 8th Parl, 5th Sess, 1866 at 17.
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TUESDAY June 19th, 1866


The Speaker took the chair at 3 o’clock.


Hon. Mr. Chapais laid on the table the report of the Commissioner of Public Works for the year ending [Text missing] June, 1865.


The following Bills were introduced and read a first time:


Mr. J. S. Smith – To amend the Act incorporating the Fort Hope, Lindsay, and Beaverton Railway Company.

Hon. Mr. Laframboise – To permit Pierre E. Lay and Hon. L. A. Dessaulles to take conjointly patents of invention for certain machines.

Hon. Mr. Brown – To confirm certain by-laws of the County of Oxford, and to confirm the sales of lands, for taxes, imposed under said by-laws.

Hon. Mr. Brown – To incorporate the Steel, Iron, and Railway Works Company (limited.)

Mr. McGivern – To amend Act 25 Victoria chapter 30, to enable the rate-payers of Lincoln to select a more convenient place for the County Town.

Mr. J. B. Dorion – To erect the township of Wiekham into two municipalities.

Mr. John McDonald – To incorporate the Roasin House Hotel Company.

Hon. Mr. Lanquevin – To amend the Act incorporating the Fabrique de Notre Dame of Quebec.

Attorney General MacDonald – To enable the Law Society to place the name of Hewitt Bernard upon the roll of members, and to call him to the bar of Upper Canada.

Mr. Currier – To amend the Act incorporating the Board of Trade of the City of Hamilton.

Mr. Magill – To amend the Act incorporating the Board of Trade of the City of Hamilton.

Mr. Taschereau – To amend the Act annexing part of the township of Aylmer to the parish of St. Vital de Lamton, County of Beauce.

Mr. Taschereau – to attach part of the township of Broughton to the parish of Frederic, county of [sic].

Mr. Huot – To permit W J. Bikell to construct a bridge over the river St. Charles.

Mr. Geoffrion – To incorporate the Pierceville Steam Milis Company.

Hon. Mr. Rose – To incorporate the Montreal Club.

Mr. Morris – To make better provision for the registration of births, marriages, and deaths in Upper Canada.

Hon. Mr. McGee – To incorporate the Montreal Literary Club.

Hon. Mr. Carling – To amalgamate the Western Counties Permanent Building and Saving’s Society with the Huron and Erie Saving’s and Loan Society, or with any other society of a similar character.

Attorney General MacDonald – To amend certain acts respecting the College of Regiopolis, and to confer the powers and privileges of a University on the same.

Hon. Mr. Galt moved that a committee be appointed to investigate the laws relating to interest, composed of Messrs. John A. MacDonald, Cartier, Galt, Chapais, J. S. MacDonald, Brown, Cauchon, A. A. Dorion, Holton, Rose, Dunkin, Bourassa, Morris, Cartwright, McGivern, Street and Parker. – Carried

The Bills of Mr. Dunkin and Mr. Bourassa relating to the rate of interest, were severally read a second time, and referred to the special Committee appointed to consider the question the question.

On motion of Mr. Bourassa, the bill to amend chapter six of the Consolidated Statutes of Lower Canada, respecting certain water courses, was read a second time.

On motion of Mr. Bellerose, the bill to extend the provisions of chapter 12 Consolidated Statues Lower Canada, respecting the construction and repair of churches, was read a second time.


Hon. J. S. MacDonald enquired when the government would be prepared to bring down the constitution of the Local Governments and Legislatures.

Attorney General MacDonald replied, that the Government would give the House and country a full opportunity of considering them on a very early day.


The house then adjourned at a quarter past five.

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