Province of Canada, Legislative Assembly, Scrapbook Debates, 8th Parl, 5th Sess, (6 July 1866)

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Date: 1866-07-06
By: Province of Canada (Parliament)
Citation: Province of Canada, Parliament, Scrapbook Debates, 8th Parl, 5th Sess, 1866 at 34-35.
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FRIDAY, July 6th.

The Speaker took the chair at a quarter past three o’clock.

A number of petitions and reports from committees were presented.

Several bills were introduced and read a first time.

Hon. Mr. Cartier introduced a bill to amend Chapter 2 of the present session. He ecplained that the obkect of the bill was to put foreigners and British subjects on the same footing as to trial for treasonable offences.

Hon. Mr. Cartier presented the first report of the standing committee on Railways and Telegraph lines.

The following bills were read a third time and passed:

TO amend the act respecting Attorneys-at-Law—Hon. Mr. Cameron.

An Act respecting the building and repair of churches in Lower Canada.—Mr. Bellerose.

To amend the law of crown and criminal proecedure, and evidence at trial.—Hon. Mr. Cameron.

Hon. J.A. Macdonald moved the xecond reading of the bill to amend certain Acts respecting the College of Regiopolis, and to confer the power and privileges of an University on the same.

After some conversation, the bill was read a second time, and referred to the Committee on Private Bills.

On the orders of the day being called,

Hon. Mr. Brown called the attention of the House to the large number of important changes which had been made in the tariff, of which the House was entirely ignorant, until the resolutions were distributed last evening. Several items, such as the duty on butter and cheese, had never been mentioned in the Finance Minister’s speech.

Hon. Mr. Galt explained that he had not the opportunity of revising the latter part of the report of his speech, published in pamphlet form, and while he gave great credit to the reporters for general accuracy, he believed that some points had been overlooked. The remarks regarding tobacco in comparing his repeated remrks with the resolutions he admitted there were one or two important differences, but he had in these particulars been misreported. In the evening he would have all estimates except those for the Militia Service before the House.

Hon. Mr. Holton said he did not understand from his recollections of the speech, that the Minister of Finance had syayed his intention of marking any change in the Tobacco duty.

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AT Galt said as a proof of the correction of what he had previously stated, he now held in his hand the memorandum from which he spoke , and which the hon. gentleman was welcome to look at.

George Brown enquired of the Attorney-General whether the schedules for the Local Constitutions were yet ready.

Hon. J.A. Macdonald — They are not.

Hon. Mr. Brown enquired when they would be ready.

Hon. J.A. Macdonald — They will be printed and distributed at the earliest possible moment.

Hon. Mr. Brown explained himself as not satisfied with the explanation.

Hon. J.A. Macdonald said the government did submit the resolutions without the schedule they wluld only be following the practice of the English government, with regard to the Reform Bill which they had introduced before submitting their plan for redistributing the seats. He held the opinion before, and he held it still, that the schedule was by no means necessary to the discussion of the Local Constitution. It did not affect at all the constitution of the Lower Canada constitution; it did not affect the principle of responsible government, and it did not affect many other questions involved, still he had promised that the schedule would be brought down before there [sic] solution was discussed, and he repeated that it would be brought down at the earliest opportunity, and the resolutions would be taken up on Tuesday.

The House then went into Committee of the whole on the act to amend the law relating to patents of invention.—COmmittee rose and reported the bill, which was reada third time.

The House went into Committee of the whole on the bill respecting the Court of Queen’s Bench for Lower cananada.

The bill passed through Committee after considerable discussion between the legal members on both sides.

The bill to incorporate the St. Patrick’s Hall Association was read a second time.

Hon. Mr. McGee moved the second reading of the bill to amend the act respecting emigrants and quarantine.—Carried.

The act for indemnifyhing the members of the Executive Government for unavoidable departure from the Audict act, was read a second time.

The bill to enable the Trustees of St. Paul’s Church, Montreal, to sell certain real estate, and the bill to amend the act incorporating the Mercantile Library Association of Montreal (Hon. Mr. Rose) were passed through Committee.

The bill to attach a part of the Township of Aylmer to the Parish of St. Videl de Lambton, and the bill to attach a part of the Township of Broughton to the Parish of St. Fredric, County of Beauce (Mr. Taschereau) passed through Committee, as were also the following:

To incorporate the College of St. Jerome in the Township of Berlin—Mr. Bowman.

To divide the Township of Wawanosh into separare municipalieis — Mr. Dickson.

To confirm the will of the late Robert Jackson of the Township of Scarborough — Hon. Mr. Cameron.

The following bills were read a second time:

To erect the Township of Wickham into two separate municipalities ash M. J.B.E. Dorion.

To incorporate a Bank under the name and style of the Simcoe County Bank.— Mr. Ferguson (South Simcoe).

To incorporate the Village of New Edinburgh.— Mr. Currier.

To legalize By-Law No. 7, appropriating a certain sum of money for the construction of several roads and harbors in the County of Bruce.—Mr. Dickson.

To incorporate the Ottawa Natural History Society.— Mr. Morris.

To incorporate the Town of Bothwell, and to define the limits thereof. — Mr. McKellar.

To revive and continue the powers of the Peterborough and Chemong Lake Railway Company.— Mr. Smith (East Durham).

To make valid the Will of George Desbarats in Upper Canada.ash Mr. Street.

To authorize the Wyoming Petroleum Company, to hold and convey certain lands.— Mr. Mackenzie.

To incorporate the Board of Trade of the City of London.— Hon. Mr. Carling.

To authorize the Corporation of St. Vincent to construct a Harbour and impose dues, and for toher purposes. — Mr. Jackson.

The Buffalo and Lake Huron Railway Company Capitalization Arrears Act, 1866.— Mr. Wood.

TO incorporate “The Dresden Great Western Oil Company.” — Mr. Magill.

To provide for the Sale of the Rectory Lands of this Province.— Hon. Mr. Cameron.

To legalize BY-Law number one hundred and sixteen of the Corporation of the Township of Bayham, and to declare the Debentures issued under the said By-Law legal, valid, and binding on the said Corporation.— Mr. M.C. Cameron.

To incorporate the Ottawa Water Works Company.ashMr. Currier.

To erect the Township of Clifton into two separate Municipalities.—Mr. J.B.E. Dorion.

To amend the Church Temporalities Act.—Hon. Mr. Cameron.

Evening Sitting.

The SPEAKER took the Chair at eight o’clock.

Hon. Mr. Galt moved the concurrence of the House in the remaining items reported from Committee of supply.—Carried and items passed.

Hon. A.T. GALT laid on the table the continuation of the estimates for the year ending 30th June 1867, and explained that as the printed copies would not be ready for distribution for a couple of hours, he would leave it to the House to say whether he should go on with the tariff or adjourn.

Amid loud cries of “adjourn,” “go on,” the former appearing to prodeminate, the Speaker declared the House adjourned at 20 minutes to nine o’clock.

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