Province of Canada, Legislative Council, Scrapbook Debates, 8th Parl, 5th Sess, (6 July 1866)

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Date: 1866-07-06
By: Province of Canada (Parliament)
Citation: Province of Canada, Parliament, Scrapbook Debates, 8th Parl, 5th Sess, 1866 at 34.
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FRIDAY, July 6th.

The SPEAKER took the chair at 3 o’clock.

Hon. Mr. Allan, from the Private Bill Committee, reported the bill to amend the Charter of the St. Lawrence Tow Boat Navigation Company, with amendments.—Amendments concurred in and bill ordered to be read a third time on Monday next.

Bill to amend the Charter of the Savings Bank of Notre Dame de Quebec, with amendments.

On the motion of the Hon. Sir N.f. Belleau, the amendments were ordered to be taken under consideration on Monday next.

Hon. Mr. Bureau introduced a bill to provide for the revision of Judgments of distributions in Lower Canada in certain cases. Second reading on Monday.

On motion of Hon. Sir N.F. Belleau, the period for receiving Private Bills was extended to the 14th of July nstant.

Hon. Mr. Sanborn gave notice that on Monday he would inquire of the Government whether they had instituted an investigation into the causes of the recent explosion of gas in one of the porches of this House, also whether proper provision was made against accidents by fire, &c.

Hon. Mr. Campbell said he had received a Report from the Chief Engineer of the Department of Public Works in regard to the recent explosion of gas, which report he read to the House. The substance of the report was that one of the gas pipes under the steps behind the Speaker’s room had broken off near the wall as it entered the building. The soil in that place had settled down and carried away the pipe. Then the hollow space under the steps had become filled with gas and when one of the messengers had gone with a flambeau to see where the gas escape was, it had ignited and caused the damage, which, however, was not great and would immediately be repaired.

IN consequence of this accident means was being taken to let in air in all sich places, so that in the event of an escape of gas it should find its way out. In the interior of the building the gas pipes ahd all been carefully tested and could be relied upon as perfectly safe.

Some little pleasantry was indulged in on the subject of the explosion, while other members treated it as a very serious matter.

Hon. Mr. Bull introduced a bill to change the trustees of the marriage settlement of Frederick James Rastrick. Second reading on Monday next.

On motion of Hon. Mr. Alexander the bill to enable the trustees of the Woodstock (Scotch), Presbyterian Church, to dispose of certain lots of land, was read a third time and passed, and on motion of Hon. Mr. Allan, the bill to vest certain lands in the Church Warden of St. James’ Church was also read a third time and passed.

Hon. Mr. Oliver moved that the amendment to the Berther and Isle du Pads Common Bill be now taken under consideration.

A long debate followed in French in the course of which Hon. Sir. N.f. Belleau objected to a clause which decreed the forfeiture of the right of those proprietors who tailed to enregister their deeds.

Hon. Messrs. Olivier and Le Tellier de St. Just defended the measure, and Hon. Messrs. Bureau and Guevremont cocnrurred with Hon. Sir. N.F. Belleau and suggested another mode of dealing with refractory proprietors.

After an hours debate the billw as ordered to be brought up in Commtitee of the Whole on Monday night.

On motion of Hon. Mr. Campbell the bill to admit Hewitt Bernard to practice law and to be entered a member of the Law Society of Upepr Canada, was read a second time and sent to thr Committee on Private Bills.

On motion of Hon. Sir NF Belleau, the bill further to amend the charter of the QUebec Bank was also read a second time, and referred to the Standing Committee on Banking and COmmerce.

On motion of Hon. Mr. Leonard the Bill to incorporate the Bank of London was also read a second time and sent tot rhe same Committee.

Hon. Sir NF Belleau submitted a return to an address of 21st of June, with the last annual statements of the Trustees of North Shore (Quebec) Turnpike Roads, and moved that the same be printed. (Carried.)

Hon. Mr. Panet gave notihe [sic] that on Monday next he would inquire of the Government if they intended soon to appoint a Judge in lieu of the late Chief Justice Bowen.

Hon. Sir N>F> Belleau said that owing to absence the hon. member had probably not been aware that the question had been answered in another place, and to the effect that a successor to Chief Justice Bowen had already been appointed.

The House then adjourned.

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