Province of Canada, Legislative Council, 8th Parl, 4th Sess (11 September 1865)

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Date: 1865-09-11
By: Province of Canada (Parliament), The Quebec Daily Mercury
Citation: “Provincial “Parliament. Legislative Council. The Quebec Daily Mercury (12 September 1865).
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(Reported for the Mercury.)


Monday, 11th Sept., 1865.

The SPEAKER took the chair at three o’clock.

After routine—


The Bill to explain certain enactments of the Acts incorporating the City of Montreal was reported from Committee without amendment and read a third time and passed.


Hon. Mr. CAMPBELL introduced a bill to amend the Act respecting the sale and management of timber on public lands—Second reading to-morrow.


Pursuant to order, the House went into Committee on the Bill for questing real estate in Upper Canada—Hon. Mr. McCRAE in the Chair.

The Bill was reported without amendment and read a third time and passed.


Bill to amend the Act incorporating the Mutual Assurance Association of the Fabriques of the Dioceses of Quebec, Three Rivers, Montreal and St. Hyacinthe.


Hon. Mr. CAMPBELL moved the second reading of the Bill (From the Assembly) with reference to the qualifications of Justices of the Peace.—Carried.

The Bill having been read a second time, it was referred to a Committee of the Whole—Hon. Mr. DICKSON in the chair.
The Committee reported the Bill without amendment, and it was ordered for a third reading at the next sitting.


Pursuant to order, the House also went into Committee on the Bill to abolish the death penalty in certain cases—Hon. Mr. McMASTER in the chair.

The Bill was reported without amendment and ordered for a third reading at the next sitting.


Hon. Mr. CAMPBELL moved the second reading of the bill to amend the Insolvent Act of 1864. The amendments which it was proposed to make were not of any great importance, that is they did not affect the principles of the law, but still as some inconvenience had been found which could be remedied by a few amendments this bill was brought in for the purpose. He could not conveniently discuss with the Speaker in the chair the particulars in which it was deemed advisable to amend the act, as they were not connected together but were found needed more in the details of the procedure, and he would therefore move that the bill be brought up in committee of the whole presently.

Hon. Mr. CURRIE stated that especially in Upper Canada the bill had failed in some cases on producing the effects designed, and pointed especially to the 13th clause, which enabled debtors to give undue advantages to creditors whom they desired to favor, who got paid in full, while the others divided among themselves what might remain.

The House then resolved itself into Committee, with Hon. Mr. LETELLIER DE ST. JUST in the chair.

The various amendments were then read and approved without debate, and the Committee rose and reported the bill without amendments.


A number of private bills were announced by message from the Assembly; read a first time, and the rule in each case having been suspended, they were read a second time and referred to Committee.

The House then adjourned.

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