Province of Canada, Legislative Council, 8th Parl, 4th Sess (13 September 1865)

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Date: 1865-09-13
By: Province of Canada (Parliament), The Quebec Daily Mercury
Citation: “Provincial “Parliament. Legislative Council. The Quebec Daily Mercury (14 September 1865).
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(Reported for the Mercury.)


Tuesday, 12th Sept., 1865. [sic—Wednesday, 13th Sept. 1865].

The SPEAKER took the chair at three o’clock.

After routine—


The SPEAKER announced a message from the Assembly with the Bill to provide more fully for the punishment of offences against the person, and in particular in respect to the crime of kidnapping. The Bill having been read a first.

On motion of Hon. Mr. MOORE, it was ordered for a second reading at the next sitting.


A Bill to incorporate the Longueil Navigation Company was also announced from the Assembly, read a first time, and—
On motion of Hon. Mr. LACOSTE, read a second time and referred to Committee.


The order for the consideration of the fifth report of the Joint Committee on Printing, recommending among other matters the payment among other matters the payment of a sum of $50 to Mr. Hartney, clerk of the Committee, being called—

Hon. Mr. SIMPSON said after what had taken place yesterday in the other branch, who had the recommendation of the Committee, he would, without further comment, move the adoption of the report.

Hon. Mr. PERRY desired to be informed whether this sum was an increase of salary to Mr. Hartney to be continued hereafter, or whether it was to be considered merely as a gratuity. In any case, he thought the recommendation should come through the proper change, the Contingent Committee; and with that view, he would move that the paragraph of the report containing the recommendation be referred to that Committee.

Hon. Mr. BOULTON said he had at first deemed it the proper course to refer this matter to the Committee on Contingencies, but on referring to the journals, he saw that a similar recommendation had been acted upon without reference to the Contingent Committee. He could not see, under the circumstances what objection there could be to adopting the same course at present.

Hon. Mr. BUREAU said, for his part, he had no objection to the report. He entertained no doubt but but that Mr. Hartney fully deserved this recognition of his services. He thought, however, in view of the repeated requests on the part of officials for increase of salary, that some proper understanding should be come to, so as to place, if possible the officials of both Houses on a fitting of equality.

The amendment of Hon. Mr. PERRY was then put and lost on a decision, and the main motion was carried.


The golfing bills were then read a second time and referred to Committee:—

To confirm the existing survey of the Township of Bulstrode.

To authorize the admission of H. H. Coyne to practice as an attorney in Upper Canada.

To enable Richard T. Walkem to be examined by the Law Society of Upper Canada for admission as an Attorney.

To amend the Act inciroptraing the Montreal Homopatble Association.


To authorize the mortgaging of certain property belonging to Christ Church, Ottawa.

To incorporate the Knowlton Cemetery Company.

To enable the Incumbent of Trinity Church, Simcoe, to sell and convey a certain parcel of land.

The House then adjourned.

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