Province of Canada, Legislative Council, 8th Parl, 4th Sess (14 September 1865)

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Date: 1865-09-14
By: Province of Canada (Parliament), The Quebec Daily Mercury
Citation: “Provincial “Parliament. Legislative Council. The Quebec Daily Mercury (15 September 1865).
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(Reported for the Mercury.)


Tuesday, 12th Sept., 1865 [sic—Thursday, 14th Sept., 1865]

The SPEAKER took the chair at three o’clock.

After routine—


Hon. Mr. SEYMOUR brought in the first report of the Committee on Contingencies—Confederation tomorrow.


The following Bills were reported from Committee and read a third time and passed:—

To extend the time for the completion of the Canada Central Railway.

To enable R. T. Walkem to be examined by the Law Society of Upper Canada for admission to practice.

To authorize the admission of Henry H. Coyne to the practice of the law in Upper Canada.

To amend the Act incorporating the Montreal Homeopathic Association.

To authorize the Incumbent of Trinity Church, Simcoe, to sell and convey a certain parcel of land.

To authorize the mortgaging of a certain property belonging to Christ Church, Ottawa.

To amend the Act incorporating the Richelieu Company.

To incorporate the Longueil Navigation Company.

To grant certain powers to the Waterloo Mutual Fire Insurance Company.

To incorporate the Union Bank of Lower Canada.


The Bill to amend the Acts incorporating the Toronto and Georgian Bay Canal Company having been reported from Committee without amendment—

Hon. Mr. McMASTER moved the third reading of the Bill.

Hon. Mr. CAMPBELL said he had, unfortunately, been absent at the discussion last evening when this Bill came up. He desirous of examining it in order to see how far it might affect the pledge he had given in this matter, and he would therefore ask as a favor of the hon. gentleman to postpone the third reading until to-morrow.

Hon. Mr. McMASTER said the bill had unanimously passed the other branch of the Legislature, where the Finance Minister and other members of the Government were. He would, however, have no objection to postpone the third reading, requested. He accordingly withdrew his first motion and moved the third for to-morrow.—Carried.


The following bills were announced from the Assembly, read a first time, taken charge of by hon. Members, read a second time on their respective motions, and referred to the appropriate committees:—

To incorporate the Bank of Northumberland.

To incorporate the Mount Royal Railway Company.

To incorporate the Savings’ Bank Association of St. Roch of Montreal.

To make further provisions for the management of Permanent Building Societies in Upper Canada.

To provide for the better protection of game in Upper Canada.

To amend the Act respecting the granting of charters to manufacturing, mining, and other companies.


Hon. Mr. CURRIE then moved, pursuant to notice. “That an humble address be presented to His Excellency the Governor General, praying His Excellency will be pleased to cause to be laid before this House, a copy of the Memorial of certain inhabitants of Port Colborne, to the Commissioner of Public Works, asking for the enlargement of the harbor accommodation, and the deepening of the entrance of the harbor at that place, and copies of all correspondence between the Department and any of its officers and other persons on the subject, and copies of all reports on the subject made by any officer of the Government since the first day of January, 1863.”—Carried.


On motion of Hon. Mr. MOORE, the bill to provide more fully for the punishment off the crime of kidnapping was read a third time and passed.


The House then went into Committee on the Bill form the Assembly, respecting the Court of Queen’s Bench in Lower Canada—Hon. A. J. DUCHESNAY in the Chair, who reported the Bill without amendment.

It was then read a third time and passed; and—

The House adjourned.

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