Telex from Aboriginal Rights Coalition to Jean Chrétien re Aboriginal Rights Clause (24 November 1981)

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Date: 1981-11-24
By: Aboriginal Rights Coalition, Louis (Smokey) Bruyere, Charlie Watt, Georges Erasmus, Dave Porter, Jane Gottfriedson, Bill Lee
Citation: Telex from Aboriginal Rights Coalition to Jean Chrétien (24 November 1981).
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NR 00084 811124 1422

To Hon. Jean Chretien, Minister of Justice:

Last night you announced to the house that you had struck an agreement with the provinces to reinstate section 34 with the added word :existing: to appear in the text.

We understand that you believe that the addition of this word does not change the intent and meaning of the text of section 34 which was before the house and approved unanimously earlier this year.

We, however, have a concern that the addition of this word to the text may, in fact, be a limiting factor with regard to constitutional recognition of rights currently under negotiation through the claims process. We may very well require further clarification or elaboration to take this important aspect of our rights into proper consideration in the constitution.

We wish to acknowledge that some progress has been made towards the resolution of obtaining the recognition and affirmation of aboriginal and treaty rights of the Indian, Inuit and Metis peoples of Canada.

We appreciate your efforts to date to resolve this most pressing issue. We did call your office this morning to request a meeting with you. We would appreciate your advice as to the earliest possible opportunity for a meeting today.

On behalf of the aboriginal rights coalition:

Louis (Smokey) Bruyere, NCC
Charlie Watt, ICNI
Georges Erasmus, Dene Nation
Dave Porter, CYI
Jane Gottfriedson, NWAC
Bill Lee, NAFC



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