UK, House of Commons, “Canada—Colonel Prince”, vol 46, cols 1222-1223 (27 March 1839)

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Date: 1839-03-27
By: UK (House of Commons)
Citation: UK, HC, “Canada—Colonel Prince“, vol 46 (1839), cols 1222-1223.
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Canada—Colonel Prince

Mr. Hume wished to put a question to the right hon. Gentleman the Under Secretary for the Colonies, to whom he had given a statement respecting Colonel Prince, alleging that that officer had shot, without trial, a number of prisoners who had been brought in by the Indians. He wished to know whether any information had been received at the Colonial-office on the subject.

Mr. Labouchere replied, that the last time this subject had been brought under his notice in that House, he stated, that Sir G. Arthur, upon receiving intelligence of the transaction, had called upon Colonel Prince for an explanation. Since then that explanation had been received by Sir G. Arthur, but had not been considered by him satisfactory. The consequence of which was, that a court of inquiry had been constituted, witnesses would be

  • (col. 1223)

brought forward on both sides, and the inquiry would, therefore, be a protracted one. In justice, however, to Colonel Prince, he should observe, that Sir G. Arthur had stated, that the reports which had made their way into this country through the newspapers were exceedingly exaggerated.

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