UK, House of Lords, “Canada—Message From the Crown”, vol 47, cols 756 (3 May 1839)

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Date: 1839-05-03
By: UK (House of Lords)
Citation: UK, HL, “Canada—Message From the Crown“, vol 47 (1839), col 756.
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Viscount Melbourne presented a message from her Majesty which was read by the Lord Chancellor as follows:—


“Her Majesty thinks it proper to acquaint the House of Lords that it appears to her Majesty that the future welfare of her Majesty’s subjects in Upper and Lower Canada would be promoted by the union of the said provinces into one province for the purpose of legislation from and after a period to be fixed by Parliament.

“Her Majesty, therefore, recommends it to the house to consider such measures as may be submitted to them for this purpose.

“Her Majesty is persuaded that the House of Lords will combine a due regard for the peace and security of these important provinces, with such provisions as may be conducive to the welfare of England, and the permanent freedom and prosperity of her North American provinces.”

The message to be taken into consideration on a future day.

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